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HOW TO: Build a RF Resonator Surface Coil

Sodium Surface Coil Picture should appear here
Figure 2: Sodium MRI Surface Coil
  1. Design the ring(s):

    1. Lay out copper tape or etch from a copper plate
    2. Leave or create breaks for the capacitors
      • Try to use symmetry in the coil layout for the most homogeneity
  2. Measure the inductance of the coil

    • You can use solder to complete the connections where the caps will be
  3. Using \omega = \frac{1}{\sqrt{LC}} pick a capacitance to achieve the appropriate resonant frequency

    • Other equation C = Lω2
  4. Multiply C by the number of capacitors that are included in your circuit

    • Do not include the coupling/bridging capacitor in this number of capacitors
    • i.e.: if you have 1 bridging capacitor and 3 capacitors around the rest of the circuit, multiply C by 3
  5. In parallel with one of the capacitors (not the bridging capacitor) include a variable capacitor for fine tuning

  6. Match the circuit to the line with the bridging capacitor (generally of a larger capacitance value)

Online Calculator to facilitate the calculations involved in this process.

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