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Dielectric Spectroscopy of Protein Titrations

Brian Mazzeo Research Group

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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List of Topics to Include on Page

Dielectric Constants of some common biological fluids with links to temperature dependencies
Dipole moments of various proteins according to the literature
Links to different computational strategies for dipole moments
Dielectric decrements for various ions in solution - Calculator
Electrical mobility of ions in solution for conductivity of solutions - Calculator
Work potentials of various electrode materials
MES preparation
How to calculate buffer strength
How to prepare buffers
How to prepare agarose gels for phantoms
How to use impedance analyzer
How to use water bath
How to use temperature probes (thermistor)
How to measure using the precision microbalance - IMPORTANT
How to use a pipettor
How to calibrate conductivity probe
How to use conductivity probe
How to calibrate pH probe
How to use pH probe
How to use Vortex mixer
How to use microcentrifuge
How to autoclave parts - i.e. working with chemistry

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